A software tool for biochemical simulation and analysis using Cloud Computing.

Genetic circuit designing with enhanced SBOL support

Extended features added in GeneTech v2.0.

Fast Threshold Value Analysis

A parallel implementation of the threshold value analysis algorithm (in DVASim) has been proposed which produces the results faster by up to 16 times.


A Technology mapping tool for genetic logic circuits.


A user-friendly software tool for virtual lab experimentation.

Fault-Tolerant RISC-V Processor

A fault-tolerant design of a RISC-V processor on FPGA.

GeneTech v2.0

GeneTech version 2.0 with GUI and SBOL export.

Fault-tolerant FPGA Architecture

A Self-Repairing bio-Inspired fault-Tolerant FPGA architecture with improved reliability and low area-overhead as compared to previous methodologies.

CPU-GPU Speed Comparison

Performance comparison of image processing algorithm on CPU and GPU.

Measurement of On-Chip Speed/Thermal Variations

Experimentation of on-chip speed variations through dynamic partial reconfiguration on two same FPGAs.