Freelance Simulation Projects

I developed multiple LabVIEW-based simulation projects online. The brief details of which are given below:

Simulation of Monitoring and Controlling of Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), University of South Australia, February 2010

The simulation model demoed in this project is believed to be the skilled way to simulate the designed software of UGV Server. Two Virtual Instruments (VIs) run in parallel, the GUI of UGV Server and the other one simulates the behavior of UGV. Both the VIs communicate through TCP/IP communication protocols. Designed UGV Server VI can be employed for real-world GPS based hardware system monitoring and even for controlling. Snapshot of “UGV Server” can be seen below.

UGV Server VI.

Simulation of SCADA System of Unsought Tablets Detection for Pharmaceutical Industries, University of South Australia, June 2009

An efficient approach to simulate any industrial plant. Two VIs were designed for this simulation; one simulates the server and other simulates the plant, and they both were linked to each other through global communication functions.

SCADA server and plant simulation VIs.

Simulation of Home Automation using LabVIEW, University of South Australia, June 2009

The simulation environment is designed to imitate the electronic automated home. The system is designed in such a way that can be used with the real-world signals.

Home Automation VI.

Role: Undergraduate Freelance LabVIEW developer.
Tools and skills used: LabVIEW.

Hasan Baig
Hasan Baig
Assistant Professor