Tools for hardware testing and data monitoring

Role: Digital Design Engineer at SPOT Pvt. Ltd.
Tools and skills used: LabVIEW, hardware interfacing, embedded C, PIC microcontrollers, Proteus Simulation.


I worked on several different projects at SPOT Pvt. Ltd. The most prominent work is the development of drivers (on Embedded C) for embedded image acquisition software development for acquiring data from serial camera that converts the data into compressed JPEG image.

The snapshot of software can be seen above. My Logo inside the “Captured Image” window is the default image and replaces with image captured by C328 serial camera. Captured Image also holds in local drive for later retrieval.

I also designed various other softwares for testing hardwares including Vehicle Tracker, Remote Fuel Monitoring, Two-way TCP/IP Communicator and Remote climate monitoring on LabVIEW Platform.

Hasan Baig
Hasan Baig
Assistant Professor