Vehicle Tracking with Enhanced Security

An effective secured novel approach of vehicle monitoring by introducing image capturing module and google mapping

Role: BE Thesis Supervisor.
Tools and skills used: LabVIEW, hardware interfacing, embedded C, circuit designing.


The idea of this project is to develop a comprehensive vehicle tracking system inclusive of a novel feature of image capturing unit. The localization of a vehicle is sent via SMS from embedded tracker station interfaced with GPS, GSM and Camera module and plotted on the server entrenched with Google Earth in its main application software. The position vehicle updates every 7 seconds, hence increasing system’s sensitivity to motion. The server needs not to be connected all the time with internet for Google Earth streaming, it has the capability to maintain the cache up to 2GBs.

When the image of a driver is demanded by the server, it is furnished by tracker station in chunks. As we are using GSM link for information transfer, these chunks are also sent in SMS protocol. These data chunks are compiled, their credibility is checked and finally it’s decoded and displayed on the server HMI.

Hasan Baig
Hasan Baig
Assistant Professor