Role: Instructor.
Institute: Habib University
Offered in: Fall 2019


Digital Electronics is at the very heart of the modern world. From smart phones to ‘Big Data’ to the electronics that controls our everyday lives, digital electronics plays a central role. An understanding of the basics of digital logic design is an essential skill for every engineer irrespective of their field of interest.

I redesigned this course from scratch in Fall 2019 at Habib University. I also organized the DLD Project Exhibition and Competition (DPEC) for the very first time to appreciate the students' efforts in achieving the challenging goals of the course project.

The glimpses of the entire course and the DPEC are shown in the following short 2.45m video.

Lecture slides can be downloaded from the link given above.

NOTE: There were several instructors and RAs involved in this course in Fall 2019. I, being the lead, developed the lecture slides along with the help of one other instructor. Please see “Read Me First.rtf” file for more details.

Hasan Baig
Hasan Baig
Assistant Professor