Role: Instructor.
Institute: Habib University
Offered in: Spring 2019


The basic aim of this laboratory exercises is to get the students acquainted with the embedded systems development skills targeted on FPGA along with ARM Cortex processors. Students learn how to design hardware using hardware description language (Verilog HDL); how to simulate their design; and how to test it on a reconfigurable FPGA chip. In first few labs, they learn how to develop hardware using Verilog HDL and verify the functionality using ModelSim® simulator. In next phase, they learn how to synthesize and implement HDL designs on a targeted platform. In last few labs, they spend time writing embedded software application on an ARM processor (embedded on an FPGA chip), and learn how to integrate it with on-chip hardware. Students also learn how to debug hardware, integrate custom IPs. The experiments are performed on Xilinx ZedBoard.

Hasan Baig
Hasan Baig
Assistant Professor