My up-to-date resume can be seen here (last updated in February, 2020). I do not spend my time regularly updating my resume here. For up-to-date CV, please send me an email at hasan.baig(at)

Work Experience

Current Position

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UConn Health,  University of Connecticut, USA.

(January'20 - to present) - Working on the Cloud-based implementation of COPASI - A well-known software tool for simulation and analysis of biochemical networks and their dynamics. 

Academic Research Experience

Research Assistant, Embedded Systems Engineering (ESE) group, Technical University of Denmark 
(August'17-November'17) - Worked on the development of bio-design automation (BDA) tools.

PhD CandidateEmbedded Systems Engineering Group, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark 
(August '14 - August'17) 
- Developed different software tools, methods and algorithms for the analysis, verification and synthesis of genetic logic circuits.

Research Assistant, Computer System Lab, Chosun University, South Korea (September '13 - July'14) - 
Worked on self-aware fault-tolerant embedded systems.

Part-time Researcher, Umm Al Qura University, Saudi Arabia (Sept. '12 - Aug'2013) - 
I carried out research on the hardware development of "Wireless Sensor Motes", and "Remote Monitoring and Management Systems for Waste-Bins". 

Research Assistant, Computer System Lab, Chosun University, South Korea (September '10 - June'2012) -
Served as a Research Assistant and worked on Reconfigurable Embedded Computing, specifically on fault-tolerant FPGA architecture, on-chip thermal/speed sensing through partial reconfiguration etc.

Industrial Experience 

Junsung E&R Inc., South Korea

Intern (Dec '11 - Feb '12)
Intern (July '11 - August '11)

Developed a commercial software related to bio-medical application named "Micro Viscometer". Also developed another software related to "Industrial and Automation" application named "Tunnel Cable Automatic Fling Monitoring System". Both of the softwares were developed on LabVIEW platform. 

Fiber & NetworkiNg (FNN), South Korea

Intern (Dec '10 - Feb '11)

EONSIL Inc., Karachi, Pakistan

Hardware Engineer (June'10 - August'10)
Developed APIs to test Nand-Flash controller for read/write operations on Nand-Flash SSD.

Intern (Feb '08 - Nov '09)
Worked on embedded data storage applications and designed a dual channel nand-flash based SSD daughter card (compatible with XILINX Spartan 3A board) for testing purpose. 

Consultant (June'09)
Circuit and PCB layout designing of dual-channel ONFI compatible Solid State Drive. 

SPOT Pvt. Ltd, Islamabad, Pakistan

Digital Design Engineer (March '10 - May'10)

My  research work there includes

  • Development of drivers (on Embedded C) for Embedded Image Acquisition
  • Software development for acquiring data from serial camera that converts the data into compressed JPEG image

The snapshot of software can be seen here. My Logo inside the "Captured Image" window is the default image and replaces with image captured by C328 serial camera. Captured Image also holds in local drive for later retrieval.

I also designed various other softwares for testing hardwares including Vehicle Tracker, Remote Fuel Monitoring, Two-way TCP/IP Communicator and Remote climate monitoring on LabVIEW Platform.

Teaching Experience

Habib University, 

Karachi, Pakistan

Assistant Professor, School of Science and Engineering, Habib University, Karachi, Pakistan
(January'18 - December'19) - Courses Taught: Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, Digital Logic & Design. 

Significant contributions include: 
  • redesigning of above mentioned last three courses from scratch including state-of-the-art content; 
  • development of experimental hardware and software for students; 
  • Initiation of DPEC (DLD Project Exhibition & Competition)
  • Supervision of undergrad research and Capstone projects; 
  • member of EE Capstone and CS lab committees; 
  • Leading EE undergrad research committee; 
  • Establishment of multiple industry-academia research collaborations; etc.

Umm Al Qura University, Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Full-time Lecturer (Dept. of Computer Science) (Sept '12 - Aug'13)
Conducted undergraduate lectures on "Computer Organization and Assembly Language". 

Skilltech International, Karachi, Pakistan

InstructorI(June '10 - July'10)
Conducted 16 Hours course work on "Virtual Instrumentation and Simulation" in the institute "Skilltech International" that is driven by Ministry of Industry, Pakistan.

Academic Training Workshops

  1. Partial Reconfiguration Design Flow using PlanAhead: A Jump Start
Computer Engineering Department, Chosun University, Gwangju, South Korea. 

  1. Jump Start to FPGA based Digital Designing and CAD Tools
    Computer Engineering Department, Chosun University, Gwangju, South Korea.

  1. Hands-on LabVIEW
    For the departments of Telecommunication and Electronic, Electrical, Computer and Information Systems, Bio and Medical Engineering, NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan. 

  2. Hands-On National Instruments
Instrumentation Centre, NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan.

  1. Getting Started with LabVIEW 8.5
    Electronic Engineering Department, NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan.

  1. Designing and Fabrication of Professional Single Sided Printed Circuit Boards
    Electronic Engineering Department, NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan.

  1. Designing and Fabrication of Double Sided Printed Circuit Boards
Electronic Engineering Department, NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan.

Freelance Work Experience of LabVIEW

  • Micro Viscometer, Junsung E&R, Gwangju, South Korea, August 2011. 
Developed Human Machine Interface (HMI) software on LabVIEW platform for live monitoring and controlling biomedical instrument called "Micro Viscometer". This instrument measures Blood/PBS viscosity for disease identification through Image Processing. 

  • Tunnel Cable Automatic Fling Monitoring System, Junsung E&R, Gwangju, South Korea, August 2011  
Developed Human Machine Interface (HMI) software on LabVIEW platform for live monitoring and controlling the cable fling system.

  • Simulation of Monitoring and Controlling of Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), Australia, February 2010

The simulation model demoed in this project is believed to be the skilled way to simulate the designed software of UGV Server. Two Virtual Intruments (VIs) run in parallel, the GUI of UGV Server and the other one simulates the behavior of UGV. Both the VIs communicate through TCP/IP communication protocols.
Designed UGV Server VI can be employed for real-world GPS based hardware system monitoring and even for controlling. Snapshot of "UGV Server" can be seen here.

  • Simulation of SCADA System of Unsought Tablets Detection for Pharmaceutical Industries, Australia, June 2009 
Perfect and efficient approach to simulate any industrial plant. Two VIs were designed for this simulation; one simulates the server and other simulates the plant, and they both were linked to each other through global communication functions. 

  • Simulation of Home Automation using LabVIEW, Australia, June 2009 
The simulation environment is designed to imitate the electronic automated home. The system is designed in such a way that can be used with the real-world signals.